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Steve Bartlett

"My work is much about curves, though recently I’ve begun to use straight lines and angles in paint on the surfaces of my sculpture. When working nearly all of my decisions are a combination of formal consider- ations, questioning myself where have I been, where am I going, and a gut feeling. It is an intuitive and evolutionary process. I find inspiration to be fleeting, and I’m fine with this. I take those moments or ideas and pursue the ones that seem worthwhile. The bulk of my time is spent executing these ideas. I have many influences and much to draw from which I could employ in my work, but in practice on any given piece it is mostly about editing, restricting, and focusing. Broadly speaking, I am trying to create forms that make vague reference to something and are simultaneously without definition."  


Steve Bartlett is a sculptor living and working in Bath, ME. His work sometimes references the natural world while other times there is more uncertainty and less definition. Using a self taught wood construction technique, Steve’s pieces are constructed in an intuitive and evolutionary process. Recently he has been adding shapes in paint to his forms. Steve has shown mostly on the West and East Coasts since graduating from Kenyon College in Gambier, OH in 1984. His sculpture is in the collections of Neiman Marcus, The Port of San Diego, City of Los Altos CA, City of Oakland CA, and Continental Airlines among others, as well as numerous Private Collections. Since moving to Maine from California in 2014, Steve has shown at Maine galleries Icon Contemporary Art and Corey Daniels Gallery. In 2018 Steve will be having a solo show at the University of Maine Museum of Art of selected work from 2014-18. 

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