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3.30.2020.    A note from Fred Giampietro & Kathy Giampietro . . . .



Dear Friends,

We hope you all are doing well in these challenging times.

Now more than ever, we must support our artists and their families. They must not be forgotten under the layers of big business.

Giampietro Gallery is committed to finding ways to support the arts and artists in the context of this crisis. If there is a work by one of our artists that you have always wanted, we are offering a way for you to acquire the work at an exceptional discount. Through April 15 we are suspending our commission with 100% of the proceeds from sales going directly to our artists. Please visit our page on or Discount the listed prices by 50% and 100% of the proceeds will directly support our artists in this difficult period.

Shipping costs are additional. Giampietro Gallery will facilitate any sales. We thank you for your willingness to support the arts and wish you and your families best of health now and in the future! 




Fred and Kathryn Giampietro

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