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Date TBD 2021

Fred Giampietro Gallery is pleased to feature the most recent work of New Haven artist, Riley Brewster.

“A picture lives by companionship, expanding and quickening in the eyes of the sensitive
observer. It dies by the same token. It is therefore risky to send it out into the world. How
often it must be impaired by the eyes of the unfeeling and the cruelty of the impotent.”
– Rothko

“In creating a narrative of scale, light, shape, and surface the paintings become a record
of accumulated decisions; Affirmations, denials of time recorded and remarked . . .”

At first glance, the paintings of Riley Brewster appear to be minimal and mute. It is the subtle shifts in color and texture that lock hold of the viewer’s eyes and eloquently move them through the deep woven layers, exposing the true complexity of the composition’s structure. What had once appeared to be blue appears now, to be red. What had once felt very close now seems very
distant. Riley Brewster's mastery of the nuances of texture and color is enhanced by the artist’s sensitivity to composition, form, and materials.


Brewster, was educated at Bowdoin College, in Maine, and received his MFA in Painting, from Yale University. He has taught at many institutions, including, Hampshire College, The New York Studio School, Dartmouth University, Bowdoin College and The University of Washington. His work has been exhibited throughout the United States. Brewster's work can be found in both private and public collections including the Davis Museum of Art, the Museum of Art (Portland, Maine) Vermont Studio Center, and the Yale University Museum of Art. Riley has also been awarded many residencies and fellowship opportunities, including, Visiting Artist Residency from Vermont Studio Center, Painting Fellowship from the Ingram Merrill Foundation, Painting Fellowship from the Pollock/Krasner Foundation, and a Painting Fellowship from the Esther and Adolf Gottlieb Foundation.

Early works . . . new ones to come . . .

Brewster is interviewed by Chris Joy & Zach Keeting

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