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“I am always tying up and then deciding to depart.”

Frank O’Hara, To the Harbormaster


For me painting is about asking questions, questions that can’t always be put into words and may not have immediate answers. Ultimately, the art has to be about seeking the truth. From empty canvases something emerges – another question, another painting. In the paintings there is calm and space to ruminate and other times more movement and energy. Each painting is a stop toward a greater destination and a negotiation between external and internal landscapes and visions. Sometimes the memory isn’t so clear as to what was or wasn’t there, what did or didn’t happen.


My recent paintings reference one another. I’m addressing what it is to be of a place that is real and imagined, a place whose weight is on the soul’s shoulders and can’t be shrugged off. The feeling is more gift than burden. The journey continues and leaving is returning.


Emilia Dubicki is a Connecticut based artist. Her paintings are primarily abstract, but sometimes  representational imagery is integrated into the work. She has received residencies from the I-Park Foundation, the Vermont Studio Center; and the Wurlitzer Foundation. ​In summer of 2017 she showed paintings at Five Points Gallery in Torrington, CT and in summer 2016 she had a show at Fred Giampietro Gallery, New Haven, Connecticut. Her paintings are in numerous private and corporate collections.


Emerson College, Boston, MA; M.F.A. Creative Writing and Literature, M.A. Publishing

University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT; B.A. Communication Sciences


Solo and Two-Person Exhibitions

Fred.Giampietro Gallery, New Haven CT; 6/23/16 -8/5/16

Gallery East, Norwalk Community College, Norwalk, CT; “Abstractionx2,”


Julie Heller Gallery, Provincetown, MA; “Recent Paintings,” 7/14

Southport Galleries, Southport, CT; “Recent Paintings,” 7/14-8/14

Able Fine Art NY Gallery, New York, NY; “REW/FF” 10/30/13-12/3/13

Perkin Gallery, Southport, CT; 10/13

Julie Heller Gallery, Provincetown, MA, 6/22/12 - 7/5/12

Able Fine Art NY Gallery, New York, NY; “Coast Paintings,” 5/31/12 – 6/26/12                                         

Kehler Liddell Gallery, New Haven, CT; 9/8/11 – 10/9/11

Gallery 360, New Haven, CT, 3/11-7/11

Julie Heller Gallery, Provincetown, MA; 6/18/10 – 7/1/10

Gallery 195, New Haven, CT; 6/8/10 - 8/27/10 

Kehler Liddell Gallery, New Haven, CT; 6/4/09 – 7/5/09

Gallery East, Norwalk Community College, Norwalk, CT; 2/4/09-3/17/09


Selected Group Exhibitions

Five Points Gallery, Torrington, CT; 5/17-6/17

Fred.Giampietro Gallery, New Haven, CT; 12/16

Palazzo dell’ Annunziata, “Arte Internazionale” Matera, Italy; 5/16-6/16

Fred.Giampietro,  New Haven; CT; 12/15

Susan Powell Fine Art, “Women Making their Mark”, Madison, CT; 9/15

Holiday House NYC, Academy Mansion, NY,NY; 11/14-12/14

Fred.Giampietro, New Haven, CT; 12/14

Able Fine Art, Seoul, South Korea; 4/14-5/14

Susan Powell Fine Art, Madison, CT; 3/14

Fred.Giampietro, New Haven, CT; 12/13

Susan Powell Fine Art, Madison, CT; 12/13

Susan Powell Fine Art, “Crossroads”, Madison, CT; 9/13

Julie Heller Gallery, “Miniatures”, Provincetown, MA, 6/28/13-7/11/13

LaGrua Center, Stonington, CT; recent paintings, two person show; 5/13-7/13

Able Fine Art NY Gallery, New York, NY; 3 person drawing show, 2/23/12 - 3/13/12

Institute Library, “Line Dancing,” New Haven, CT; summer 2012

Institute Library, “Stone Work,” New Haven, CT; 2/11/12 – 3/10/12

“Against the Tide,” Two Coats of Paint with printed catalogue, 10/11

 “Abstract Principles,” Fairfield Arts Center, Fairfield, CT; 9/16/11 – 10/16/11

“Reve de Artiste,” Able Fine Art NY Gallery, Seoul, Korea; 5/10/11-6/31/11

Able Fine Art NY, New York, NY; 4/23/11-5/10/11

“Scale,” West Cove Studios, West Haven, CT; 4/9/11 – 5/16/11

“I and Love and You,” group show, Kehler Liddell Gallery, New Haven, CT; 1/11-3/11

“Caliber,” large scale works, West Cove Studios, West Haven, CT; 10/2/10-11/2/10           

“Line Dancing: Works on Paper,” West Cove Studios, West Haven, CT; 4/3/10-5/3/10

 “Size Matters,” Kehler Liddell Gallery, New Haven, CT; 12/09-1/10

Players’ Lounge Invitational Exhibit, Pilot Pen International Tennis Tournament, New Haven, CT, 8/19-8/29/09

“Hans Hoffman and his Influence.” Julie Heller Gallery, Provincetown, MA; 8/09

Artspace, “Index I” group show with artist’s talk, New Haven, CT; 6/09-7/09

A-Space@West Cove Studios, West Haven, CT; “Noir Transformed,” group show 3/1/09 – 4/14/09

IAO Projects at ABC, group show, Salt Lake City, UT; 2009

“Hey Look,” group show touring four Japan museums, beginning May 2008

A-Space@West Cove Studios, West Haven, CT; four person show 12/14/08 – 2/3/09

Artist-in-Residence, Artspace/New Haven Open Studios; October 2008

8.5” x 11” Project group show, Lisa Coscino Gallery, Pacific Grove, CA; 6/08-8/08

Broadway Gallery, New York, NY; group show “Reverie,” March 1-31, 2008

Arts+Literature Laboratory, New Haven, CT; 8.5”x11” Project, Nov. 24-Dec. 21, 2007

A-forest Gallery, New York, NY; three person show; October 2-20, 2007

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