Ruth Hiller

Ruth Hiller, Change, 2018, acrylic on plywood, 14" x 24"

Ruth Hiller, air, 2018, acrylic on plywood, 8" x 12"

Ruth Hiller, interchange, 2017, acrylic on linen, 32" x 48"

Ruth Hiller, Change, 2018, acrylic on plywood, 14" x 24"

Industrialized nature


"I am obsessed with mass production, technology and industry. How do I reconcile these things that overwhelm and excite me?


Living in nature, as well as in an urban environment, have compelled me to create work that appears plastic, tactile and machine made with hints of my surroundings. The visual conversation between the paint and forms culminates in my softly linear objects-- evocative of industry and nature."

Ruth Hiller was born in the Midwest, raised and schooled in Los Angeles and now splits her time between New York City and Boulder, Co. She graduated with honors from Art Center College of Design. Her paintings incorporate the Swiss minimalist theory that she embraced in college. 

Ruth is interested in materiality and simplicity in her work. She developed her current body of work, “Soft Geometry” in 2013 using pigmented beeswax. In 2014 Ruth was selected to attend the Sam and Adele Golden Foundation Residency, where she was able to immerse herself in learning  new mediums to use in her work.

She is currently represented by Kenise Barnes Fine at. She lives and works in New York, New York and Boulder, Colorado.