Artist: Anahita Vossoughi

Title: New Gloeden Cycle

Date: 2018

Material: mixed media photographic paper collage

Dimensions: 8h x 5w in.


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Anahita Vossoughi "New Gloeden Cycle"

SKU: VO000003
  • Building, breaking, reorienting, painting, adorning and juxtaposing constructed forms, shapes, found materials and objects; I explore the abstracted figure. These anatomies are gendered and performative, evoking the anxieties inherent in the contemporary body, and the problematics intrinsic to art historical and pop culture representations of femininity, otherness and the exotic.

    Textures smooth and pitted, populate within and around my forms. These forms secrete, puff out, suck in, dry up, dress up, identify themselves for a moment but remain decidedly unfixed. A perpetual state of wetness and becoming. Both the process and the emotional condition the forms claim redefine their own unruly and messy beauty. Vulnerable but aggressive, seductive but repulsive, self-conscious and aware of their staged roles, they live in a hermetic, phantom culture of their own creation. They vacillate towards challenging our world of exhumed figures on display and for consumption, while remaining enmeshed and complicit in it.

    Photo collage, unframed

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