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June 23, 2016 - August 5, 2016 

Artists Reception is Thursday June 23, 6-8pm


Fred Giampietro Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of works by Emilia Dubicki, Aspasia Anos, and Becky Yazdan. All three artist’s works, although very different in style and technique, explore the effect time has on memories and places. This is each of the artist’s first major exhibition at the gallery’s new downtown location.


Local artist Emilia Dubicki recently wrote, that her paintings “are a negotiation between external and internal landscapes and visions.”  Her palette largely consists of rich saturated blues, warm and cool blacks and whites, greys, and an occasional splash of brilliant cadmium red. With large gestural motions, drips, and a stark contrast of light and dark, Emilia captures and embraces the raw emotional moments in which “one vision blurs, retreats, drips and gives way to another” as her “memories rewind and fast forward.”


Emilia's work has been exhibited both nationally as well as internationally. Her work was recently featured in Art New England Magazine and at New York City’s Holiday House. She has been awarded residencies from the I-Park Foundation, The Vermont Studio Center, and the Wurlitzer Foundation.


New York based artist, Becky Yazdan received her MFA from the NY Studio School, studying with Bill Jensen and Graham Nickson. She received her Bachelors of Fine Art from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Yazdan’s work has been exhibited throughout the East Coast and New York and she has received many prestigious awards including the Emma Strain Award, Top 100 Artists by GLAAD, and the Hohenberg Travel Award.


Yazdan invites her viewers on a visual journey through her past and present. Each of her paintings combines a unique series of events triggered by everyday stimulations, “things I see, read about, and watch on tv”, feelings and colors from her past such as “the pink of my favorite childhood bathing suit or the first time I told a lie.” She explains that color, form and pattern combine to become conversations, expressions, and events. Yazdan’s palette shifts from painting to painting, capturing the raw emotions felt with each remembered experience, “The paintings are like dreams – the events of the day reorganized and combined with other events and memories until a new, often surprising, reality has taken shape.” Her unique handling and layering of paint seems to mimic the accumulation of memories and emotions one experiences in a lifetime.


Aspasia Anos wrote in a recent statement, “Impermanence, transience, the potential of change and the role of chance in its origin and outcome are central themes of my work.” In her most recent work the subject and process have become inseparable. “Rather than document what has been, my photographic collages and mixed media monotypes give shape to change and are shaped by it in turn.  Drawn upon, deconstructed, reduced at times to a line alone or built up layer by layer, the photograph is both palimpsest and ground. My interest lies in the dynamic interplay between residue and mark, evidence and response, memory remade by memory: clarity arrived at through chance and complication.”


Aspasia lives and works in New Haven, CT. She received her MFA in photography from Yale University and her BFA from the University of Illinois. Her work has been exhibited throughout the East Coast and she has received many prestigious awards including the Ward Cheney Award from the Yale School of Art.