what a simple thing it seemed, that vast yellow light sailing slowly: Zachary Keeting with works by Daniel John Gadd
February 25, 2017 - March 25, 2017

Opening Reception is Saturday, February 25, 6 – 8 PM

Sweet Spot Series and Artist Talk is Saturday, March 11, 2pm

Fred Giampietro gallery is pleased to present what a simple thing it seemed, that vast yellow light sailing slowly, an exhibition featuring the work of Zachary Keeting and Daniel John Gadd.  Through an incredible sensitivity to color and surface, Keeting and Gadd invite viewers to experience a series of compositions that explore the raw emotional response to nature, memory, and most importantly, the great impact those closest to them have on their lives. Each Artist’s work embodies a movement that is seemingly spontaneous, and yet after careful evaluation, order miraculously appears mimicking natures own creative behavior. 

"I must have fallen asleep, for all of a sudden there was the moon, a huge moon framed in the window. Two bars divided it in three segments, of which the middle remained constant, while little by little the right gained what the left lost. For the moon was moving from left to right, or the room was moving from right to left, or both together perhaps, or both were moving from left to right, but the room not so fast as the moon, or from right to left, but the moon not so fast as the room. But can one speak of right and left in such circumstances? That movements of an extreme complexity were taking place seemed certain, and yet what a simple thing it seemed, that vast yellow light sailing slowly behind my bars …" - excerpt from Samuel Beckett's novel titled, "Molloy"

Zachary Keeting’s paintings swirl and clatter. He punches, scrapes, shakes, blots, pours, and stains.  The surfaces are physical, riddled with overt gesture, yet built slowly. They’re improvisational, yet each image refers to specific life-situations, to specific people. Keeting received his MFA from Boston University and his BFA from Alfred University. He has studied under John Walker, John Moore, Alfred Leslie, Mary Lum, Mario Prisco, and William Contino. Keeting has exhibited throughout the United States and has been awarded many wonderful residencies from Yaddo, VCCA, the Santa Fe Art Institute, and more.

Daniel John Gadd lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. He graduated from the School of Visual Arts in 2009. Gadd's work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. In a recent statement, Daniel describes his work as, “fragile, violent, aggressive, athletic, and painfully sensitive, all at once reflecting—literally, with the use of mirrors—that “human dead center” noted by Rosenberg. I aim to seize upon, fracture and reconfigure the complex range of what makes us most human, reassembling it all into balanced wholes.”