1064 Chapel Street Gallery - Zachary Keeting & Anahita Vossoughi "Rockless Volume" with works by Loren Myhre
January 10, 2015 - February 21, 2015

Opening Reception is Saturday, January 10th from 6-8pm


Rockless Volume


A sculpture of disorientation. A painting of flux.


Anahita Vossoughi transforms and transfigures grotesque juxtapositions into an art of destabilization. She builds bodies in-between, self-aware of their inherent social and cultural contradictions, their limitations and vulnerabilities. She torques her materials, combines found objects with traditional processes, and is a modification maximalist.  Often referencing body parts, her sculptures have a pronounced pull towards our own physical and psychological space. They are wrapped, pinched, cut and carefully off-balanced. Perched out on limbs, sprawled out on floors, balancing and posing, these bodies call into question accepted notions of harmony, excess, and beauty. Each form is a spectacle of ornamentation:  from silicone to prosthetics to jewelry to rouge. Odd juxtapositions are a redirection tactic to look here, think there. The forms challenge us to reevaluate what a body is, what it can be, what it should be.


Zachary Keeting’s paintings swirl and clatter. They’re down in the orchestra pit under the timpani, and watching quietly from the back of a cafe. Multiple moving parts vie for prominence, some garish some tender.  He punches, scrapes, shakes, blots, pours, and stains.  The surfaces are physical, riddled with overt gesture, yet built slowly. They’re improvisational, yet each image refers to a specific life-situations, to specific people. His is striving for an art of realistic complication, of crosscurrents and contradictions, group energy. He admires chaotic Robert Altman scenarios:  overlapping voices, overlapping thoughts, overlapping desires. This is an art of more. More complexity, more concealment, more fluidity, more radical balance. Multiple personalities in every scene, brave with generosity.


Rockless (without rocks, between reckless and raucous) Volume (three-dimensional space, mind-space, loudness).


Who is volume and who is rockless? Both Vossoughi and Keeting are temporally aligned. They approach the substance of life from very different directions, with clear unique sensibilities. Here is their show.